Welcome to international visa services by the Travel Agency Abu Dhabi!

We are proud to provide our services for international visas and are here to make sure your visa application process is made simpler and quicker. The countries we provide our international visas have the strongest economy. These countries have granted tourists from all over the world with the most amazing sightseeing attractions.

Whether you travel internationally because you have to attend an important meeting, a conference, or you just want to unite with your loved ones, we have got you covered. We make sure that you have a nice time while you are travelling and that can be possible only when all processes are run smoothly. It is true that there should be peace even before the journey starts so that it can get easier to actually enjoy while you are travelling. This is why we try our level best to never let you down. We have successfully combined our expertise and work processes in such a way that we take 100% responsibility for our international visa services and cater to your needs professionally.

We know what you want and we are here to ensure your requirements are fulfilled quickly!

The Travel Agency Abu Dhabi has a team of specialized individuals who work hard just so that you can take full benefit from our international visa packages right away. Not just this, we also provide our customers with customized holiday packages to make your vacations the most memorable. We believe that the time, money, and energy you are investing in us is crucial and should never be wasted. Who says you have to wait in long queues to get your visa? It is high time we eliminate all such practices that take an eternity to complete. So, our support team and expert knowledge combines with our experience to make sure your visa application process is carried out and fulfilled smoothly with all your requirements taken into consideration

Our goal is to cater to your needs and make your trip the best you have ever had!

We help you acquire tourist visas, business visas, and long-term international visas for countries. These visas are valid for two, five, or even up to 10 years. This is a nice opportunity as you can easily stay for about 6 months on your every visit. We love to diminish all such slip-ups and complications that are troubling you in your visa procedures as well as documentation. When we say we care about our customers, we go to any length to prove that and this can easily be seen in the work we do and the services we provide.

Mandatory documents you should not forget while applying for an international visa from UAE:

We are here to take care of your visa processes and try to get you a visa as soon as possible. However, if you don’t submit all the documents, you may face difficulties and delays in obtaining a visa. Make sure you have all the below-mentioned necessary documents with you for an international visa from Dubai:

● Valid UAE visa for residents with a validity of 180 days.
● The requirement of an original passport which has a validity of 6 months having two blank pages.
● Your original NOC letter that states the salary, joining date, designation, the purpose of travel, an introduction letter that states your monthly income, passport details for Investors, Owners, & Partners.
● Three recent photographs having a white background.
● Your online bank statement of 6 months having a bank stamp OR
● Your original bank statement.
● An invitation letter from a relative or friend
● An invitation letter needed for business visas